Audio Review 75 // The Harrowing by Rob Sanders

Having a double feature this week! I am not going to lie. I am looking forward to another Alpha Legion story. Whenever they appear, they are cunning and ruthless. Let's see if it continues in this short tale from War Without End.

The Title: The Harrowing (The Horus Heresy #Short Story)

Author: Rob Sanders

Fluff: Death has come to Callistra Mundi. The Space Marines of the Traitor Legions are coming, but when it's the Alpha Legion, you never know how they might appear... or who might be working for them.

The garrison world of Callistra Mundi is threatened by traitor forces – none other than the insidious Alpha Legion. Like so many before it, this attack will not come as a traditional legionary assault but as a Harrowing. Operatives and turncoats are revealed within the Mechanicum ark freighter Omnissiax and her attendant battlegroup, and confusion will reign amongst the loyalist defenders. And only when none can tell friend from foe will the true destruction begin...

The Alpha Legion assault a garrison world in their own inimitable style, turning friend against friend until no one knows who is responsible... Jump in and see if you can figure out the mystery behind the Harrowing.

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Okay, okay, this was freaking awesome! A great little insight into the Alpha Legion's tactics. Overall, we discover that the Harrowing tactic involves misdirection, infiltrators, and good old-fashioned turncoats. We actually get to experience the damage that can be done from within and the confusion that can be sowed with very few agents.

This is like a SAS/Special Force mission, and it was so cool to watch the Mechanium undone by these tactics. Overall a fantastic tale that I highly recommend, and I can't wait to see what the Alpha Legion does next!

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