Audio Review 73 // Sermon of Exodus by David Annandale


Sermon of Exodus is a short story published in the War Without End. The cover image used is that of War Without End, as the Sermon of Exodus has yet to be released separately. A minor spoiler is that the Sermon of Exodus is a prequel to the events of Book 30, The Damnation of Pythos. It is annoying that it came out afterwards. They seem to do that a lot.


In the wake of Horus' miraculous recovery on Davin, the Davinites begin an exodus to the stars, joining with the Traitor Legions, to whom they will offer the power of the Dark Gods.


That is a short fluff without much description, which sadly sums up the story. So far, in this short audio story run, this was the hardest to listen to. I struggled to get into it, which was a real shame.

It is a prequel to The Damnation of Pythos and provides some extra background for the events and characters, which would have been great to have before reading that novel (thanks, Black Library). It helps explain the Lodges and their ongoing role within the traitor legions a bit better. But that kind of is it for the highlights for me. The main character Tsi Rekh is the prophesied one who would lead the Davinites to more greatness in the eyes of the Gods (so much ego in the 30k, haha). Which is overused so much during these Horus books that it bores me.

Ultimately for a lore point, this is worth a listen. As for enjoyment, I would move along on to a different story.

I appreciate you stopping by to read this, and I hope you will be back soon!

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