Audio Review 72 // The Phoenician by Nick Kyme

Continuing my adventures into the Horus Heresy title War without End. This time seems to be an Emperor's Children and Iron Hand title. Let's see if it is any good?

Title: The Phoenician (The Horus Heresy Short Story)

Author: Nick Kyme

Fluff: On the black sands of Isstvan V, Gabriel Santar is dying. Struck down by his former battle-brother, Julius Kaesoron of the Emperor’s Children, he watches helplessly as his father, Ferrus Manus, is murdered by the thrice-damned traitor Fulgrim. But Santar’s fading sight reveals far more about the supposedly perfect Phoenician primarch than anyone could have guessed – is it too late for this revelation to have any value to the Iron Hands Legion?


Hm. I feel this is a filler piece, unfortunately. It covers the infamous duel on Istvaan, which saw Ferrus dead. It really reads a bit too matter of fact and doesn't add to the information or details told in the Fulgrim novel. Instead, we get a straight forward here's how it happened and what I saw before I died tale. Gabriel Santer, First Captain of Iron Hands, is a dull character. I didn't care for him or even connect to the story. Overall a bit of a miss for me. I find I struggle with the Iron Hands stories which is a real shame.

As always, I appreciate your opinions. What am I missing?

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