How to Paint: Tabletop Ready Craftworld Aeldari Alaitoc

Trying out another - How to Paint: Tabletop ready Craftworld Aeldari Alaitoc. If you enjoy all things Aeldari, check out my playlist here: Aeldari Youtube Playlist.

Alaitoc is a major Asuryani craftworld known for spreading its influence further afield than other craftworlds, sending agents across the galaxy to act as its eyes and ears. Its forces favour stealth and misdirection on the battlefield over brute force, killing silently and with guile wherever they can.

This is also perfectly timed with the upcoming release of the new codex and boxset. But will I continue with Iyanden or be tempted by the Stealth of Alaitoc?

As always, I appreciate the visit and any subscribes on Youtube. If you are interested in any of the gear used, please use these links as it does support purchases.

Blue Yeti Nano / Sony Alpha ZV-E10 / Cutting Mat 

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