Book Review 180 // Bird of Change by Richard Strachan

I'm continuing my adventures into the murky worlds of Warhammer Horror. This week we have an AOS Tzeentch-themed episode. I hope it is a good one!

Title: Bird of Change (Warhammer Horror Week 2021 #5)

Author: Richard Strachan

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Fluff: A child was meant to be sacrificed in the name of the Dark Gods but confronts a very different form of evil – using their wits in lieu of weapons.

Take a rare glimpse into the madness of life – and Death – in the Mortal Realms and discover the dark nature of the bestial vampires that succumb to their hunger.

A community of Tzeentch cultists binds a youth to a tree to be sacrificed to the 'Bird of Change,' an annual practice that they believe has granted them the favour of their Dark God. As it turns out, the 'bird' isn't what they think it is, and the youth is forced to confront the terror directly.


This, for me, has been the best title in the series so far. Set in the realm of Death, a local village that worships Tzeetch periodically selects 8 youths to feed to a local tree. Once a year, the tree gives birth to a bird of change that feasts on the young, blessing the village with mutation (or at least that is the lore).

During the story, we follow a youth who hasn't been blessed yet, and as the story unfolds, we discover that the bird is no bird at all and that a vampiric bat has, in fact, taken residence in the tree. As the child comes to terms with the dark truth, she aids the Vampire in remembering its past and sets a course for it to return to its birth place.

This was genuinely a great story; it was creepy, had a fantastic plot, and delivered an enjoyable evening of reading. Highly recommend this one.

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