Book Review 179 // The Isenbrach Horror by Darius Hinks

It was nice to see a familiar author's name pop up this week to be read. Darius Hinks has produced some fun Necromunda stories that I have enjoyed, so I hope his skills transfer into this horror title.

Title: The Isenbrach Horror (Warhammer Horror Week 2021 #2)
Author: Darius Hinks

Fluff: A pair of Imperial citizens run afoul of a mythical creature they thought was just a legend.

Vampires aren't just for fantasy. The galaxy is vast, and untold nightmares lurk within it.

Set on a feudal planet in the Imperium, two men meet in secret at a ruined cathedral to discuss a plot to assassinate the world's Imperial Governor. The cathedral is rumoured to be the hunting grounds of a mythical beast – the so-called Isenbrach Horror. They soon discover the apocryphal stories just might bear a kernel of truth...

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Format: Kindle Edition, 25 pages


Okay, let's get the rough bit out of the way. This has missed the mark. It felt like I was reading the intro/prologue to a book. It lacked horror and, sadly characters that I even cared about. Maybe I had set my hopes too high, so I am left with this gnawing disappointment.

The idea was definitely intriguing, as Vampires have been in the 40k lore since Rogue Trader times. But for me, the sci-fi was lost, apart from some of the terminology used. Add to this the fact that the horror just simply wasn't there. This may have even worked better as an AOS title. With the tale set in a feudal world, it was hard to imagine the grimdark of 40k. I just don't know what to write about...

8 out of 10 for background and plot but a 3 out of 10 for the story as written. This would be a grand opening prologue for a book about an Inquisitor coming to purge the Vampire, but it just misses the mark as a stand-alone piece. I fear the author played too safe with the material and failed to deliver.

What are your thoughts? Let me know.

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