Beer Review 186 // Everyday Pilsner by Beyond the Pale.

Let's just throw this out there early. I work for Beyond the Pale, so I have easy access to these beers. I am not paid to promote them here, nor are there any benefits to me writing about them. Now let us get into the good stuff of drinking a beer!

Name: Everyday Pilsner
Style: Pilsner
Format: 473ml Can
ABV: 4%
Brewery: Beyond the Pale Brewing Company, Ottawa, Ontario. Canada. Come and visit me!
Fluff: Like our daily tablets, we prefer our Pilsners, to be honest, balanced and restorative. Brewed in Ottawa, Ontario, since 2022, this is a light, crisp Pilsner with dazzling clarity to be consumed alongside your favourite source of vitamins. This is an all-season brew best enjoyed fresh out of the can, featuring select German barley and traditional Czech hops.

It pairs well with vitamin D, sunshine and hanging with the buds.


Well, it is definitely a Pilsner. Pours a beautiful darker-hued yellow and has a lively and full head. The body is crystal clear, and you can see straight through it. The head starts to fly away as I watch it but settles to a decent amount. The aroma is spot on, malty, straw, and light. The taste takes me back to all the classic Euro lagers of my childhood (lol). Very fresh, crisp and refreshing. Would definitely crush a few of these during the summer. I seriously hope the brew team brings this one back. I need it for patios and sunshine season!

Unless you live in Ontario, you will not get to try this. But what is a similar patio brew you have enjoyed?

As always, I enjoy seeing you all, so say hi! If you are a beer drinker or wannabe brewer, you may enjoy this beer journal over on Amazon. I've bought a few for friends, and they love them.

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