Beer Review 183 // Pleasure Craft by Beyond the Pale Brewing Company

Look at me having a drink! Work (aka Beyond the Pale) released a new Flash Series beer that sparked my interest called Pleasure Craft. It is a similar style of beer to the Yummy! NEPA, they sell. Knowing full well enjoy Yummy! I soon realized I had to try this one.

Name: Pleasure Craft
Style: Pale Ale
Format: Can - 473ml
ABV: 5.2%
Fluff: Oil up and get ready to set sail with our newest version of the classic Pleasure Craft Pale Ale. This batch comes full of stone fruit and classic citrus hop character. Muted bitterness balanced against a just sweet enough malt finish makes this one great for cruising to some Steve Winwood on your yachtiest of yachts.


First up, let us get the bad news out of the way. This beer is already sold out! Lasted about a week and a half, so I only managed to snag a single can! I feel that the news will let you know how this review will go. It was a delicious, effortless drinking treat. It delivered the bold, welcoming taste of citrus fruits, like fresh OJ and then as you sip, the stonefruits push their way to the front. This is a cheeky little beer, refreshing, mouthwatering, and deserving of being a full-time brew. I only wish I had bought more.

I just wish more people could try this beer. As always, I appreciate you reading this far. Have a great week.

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