Judge Dredd - Demo-bots

Had a lot of fun with this Warlord Games, 2000 AD Judge Dredd - DemoBot. This is one of the larger models in the 2000 AD line, but wow, is it a stunning model. It definitely had a weak point with the chain, which, unfortunately, my two-year-old could break, but after a little bit of superglue, I was able to repair and create an exciting look model.

I hope you will enjoy the video and give me a like and a follow over on Youtube.

Some Rule Pointers

DemoBots are designed to knock down buildings, and it's too bad if any 'fleshy ones' are buried in the rubble. They are also incredibly slow, with their Ponderous Special Rule ensuring they cannot perform Sprint double actions. Not only that, but when using a DemoBot to charge an opponent, players must roll two D6 and add the lowest result to their Move stat.

Their Rivet Guns can offset this lack of speed (maximum range 12", Power 5, Aimed Fire only). Still, with a +5 modifier on their Demolition Hammers and the Piercing and Rending special rules on their Power Drills, a DemoBot only truly shines in melee.

I can't wait to get this on a table, killing fleshy ones. I hope you enjoyed the video and will come back soon for the next update.



  1. Great looking figure. I need to get that set soon. I mentioned on the Youtube channel that I might have approached it differently even though I liked your result. That's just the thing about painting; We all have our preferred methods but in the end you can still produce a pleasing result. THe yellow could have gone nuclear if you had started with a neutral or white primer and saved you the work of all that lightening.

    1. Agreed. I've been thinking of starting with a cream base, with white highlights as a base. Just have so many rattle cans of black to use up first. Cheers for watching.


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