Comic Review 187 // 2000 AD Prog 1337

Getting into the flow of reading these progs now. Expect more 2000 AD content coming your way in the upcoming weeks. For now, here is Prog 1337.

Absolute stunning cover image showing Hammerstein of the ABC Warriors directing his fellow droids as a crazy pyramid-shaped tank smashes through the wall. Seems like that storyline is about to get action-packed. But before that, we have other tales to talk about. Up first:

Judge Dredd - The Trial of Orlock // Part 2. Judge Dredd has been called to the stand as Orlock's defence council attempts to get the death sentence removed. Though a bold try was tried to save the East-Meg assassin's life, it ultimately fails, and Orlock is sentenced to death.

A sad end for such an iconic character of the strip. Though the true highlight of this strip is the executioner Judge, never seen these Judges before, and now I am intrigued.

The Caballistics are back with a new story titled; Caballistics, Inc. Breaking Out // Part 1. Some eco-friendly activists have broken into a lab they should have left well alone. During the break-in, some freaky-looking creatures escape, and I can only assume the team will be hunting them down in future issues. It would also seem Mr.Ravne is up to something as he drugs a down and out, forcing him to take a unique medicine and talk to the dead.

This ending is very hard-hitting; I was not expecting that.

We follow up with another new tale called Interceptor // Part 1. Hmm not sure on this one. An alien posing as a human is rushed into a hospital before being chased down and killed by what looks like a random group of humans. The alien/human passes on a device to the doctor next to him, giving her the ability to see aliens disguised as humans.

For an opener, I found this a dull or overused plot idea. But hopefully, I can be proven wrong.

Now the cover art story ABC Warriors - The Shadow Warriors // Part 2. The ABC Warriors act as a Peacekeeper force during a civil war on Mars. The team is sent into Getty City to explore the damage done during a Confederate attack. Inside they discover a dead city, but worst yet, the sound of silence grows and grows as they move further in. Too late, Hammerstein realizes what is happening, and the team is ambushed by Behemeks. Giant pyramid-shaped tanks create a wall of silence and are invulnerable to all but the heaviest artillery. The next issue is going to be a good one!

The final tale of the issue is the counter-terrorist story Snow/Tiger - Pax Americana // Part 2. As the team continues to track down the stolen Ebola Virus, they discover the actual group responsible and head to Kentucky to take them out. Ultimately this story is what it is. Personally not a favourite for me, but I can understand the appeal.

Overall another solid 2003 comic. Wow, 2000 AD was on a rollback then. The true highlight was ABC Warriors this issue and I am excited to see where it leads. As always thanks for reading.

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