Comic Review 185 // 2000 AD Prog 1336

This issue is going to be interesting. With three all-new tales inside, we get to see the return of some fan favourites, like Orlock and The ABC warriors. It did feel weird only having three stories as it felt short even though the stories were longer.

Up first. Judge Dredd - The Trial of Orlock // Part One. Orlock, the master assassin, has been captured and stands trial in Mega-City One. Unfortunately, it would seem the trial is afore gone conclusion and is just a show to prove justice is done. While the prosecution has a senior Judge working the case, the defence only has a junior Judge. But even with the game stacked against him, the junior Judge will do his best and attempt to defend this mass killer.

Great start to In this new series, I don't see how Orlock will Survive this one.

ABC Warriors - The Shadow Warriors // Part One. The return of the ABC Warriors to my reading is very much welcomed! Beautifully portrayed in the Black and White artwork Carlos Ezquerra and written by Pat Mills, we are in for a treat. Now I personally am way behind on the ABC lore, so I am going in a bit blind to what is happening at this time. But we join Joe Pineapples as the droid travels across Mars on the Fargo Supercoach. During this travel, poor Pineapple is stored in the cramped Robot bays, which is lucky for the human passengers as the coach is boarded by the Dogs of Gore. A robotic band of mercenary pirates, soon Pineapple is all guns blazing in an action-packed opening script. I am one hundred percent behind this story, give me more!

Snow/Tiger - Pax Americana: Part 1.
 This story took me by complete surprise. Never heard of it, nor expected it. The story seems to follow an anti-terrorist squad as they deal with a hostage situation at the CDC. One seems to be a negotiator always looking to save everyone, while the other is a hotshot wannabe action hero. I can kind of see already how this pair will play off against each other. The story seems pretty straightforward, with the villain being a right-wing rich Texan trying to make 'Merica great again. Like I mentioned a pretty straightforward story, but enjoyable enough.

Overall a terrific issue, and this is a fantastic jump on point for anyone wanting to start up. Who else is reading 2000 AD currently? Ever go back to earlier issues and re-read?

As always, thanks for reading and joining in this adventure.

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