Comic Review 184 // Tales from Vader's Castle

Continuing on some great finds at the library. Star Wars Adventures is a series that seems aimed at a younger crowd, but it does a great job at storytelling. I found this title recently and had to give it a go. I had heard of Vader's Castle but knew very little about so I am excited to get into this title and the follow-up.

Title: Star Wars Adventures: Tales from Vader's Castle (Star Wars Adventures: Beware Vader's Castle #1)

Authors: Cavan Scott

Illustrations: Derek Charm, Chris Fenoglio, Kelley Jones, Corin Howell

Fluff: How do a band of rebels distract themselves when sneaking into the creepiest place in the galaxy? Tell scary stories, of course!

Follow Lina Graf, Crater, and friends as they sneak--and fight--their way into the terrifying castle of Darth Vader! Along the way, they'll trade spooky stories featuring the most terrifying villains and creatures in the universe! Your favourite characters, like Obi-Wan, Han and Chewie, Hera Syndulla, and the Ewoks, face classic creeps like ghosts, monsters, witches, and more... all with a signature Star Wars twist!

Collects the five-issue series.

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Format: Paperback, 120 pages


As mentioned earlier, this is definitely meant for a younger audience. It follows a new bunch of rebels who following some damaged have to make an emergency landing on Mustafar. As they watch their ship sink into the lava, they are left, heading towards an unknown castle guard by Imperial Forces. To help distract themselves from the dire situation, the team tell each other war stories they have heard during the conflict.

These stories are very much like a goosebumps episode, so not really scary. But they are all fun reads, my kids so far have enjoyed them (4 and 2), and I always take that as a good sign. You get a lot of fan favourite characters in the series like Chopper, Count Dooku, Han Solo and even an excellent tale for the Ewoks.

This was actually a real fun read, is it for diehard "adult" fans most likely no, but if you enjoy Star Wars for what it is and going into it wanting a fun read than you will enjoy. The big thing to remember is these are short one shots joined by a sideline story to link them all. This is not an epic tale of adventure, but every short story does have a highlight that brought a smile to my face. The final issue really built up the side story with the arrival of Darth Vader and I can see all ready how the next collection will build of this start.

Standout tales for me include the Chopper story and the Count Dooku. Dooku is a favourite character of mind and to see that story play out was a lot of fun. This collection definitely amused me throughout the read and I can't ask for more than that. A little comedy within a realm of serious action is always a welcome refresh. The artwork though kid friendly was perfectly presented with the side story done in dark shades plenty of Red, Blacks, Blues, whilst the shorts are all different artist bringing a refreshing style change.

You will either enjoy it or pick holes within, I personally full into the enjoyed and I hope a few of you will to.

As always I appreciate you stopping by and reading and join me next week for the next dose. 

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