Comic Review 183 // Batman Earth One Volume 3

Another great library find. Batman Earth One Volume three is the final title in this series for Batman. I've read and enjoyed the first two volumes so I am excited to dive into this one. Here are the links to other reviews:

Volume 1

Volume 2 

Title: Batman: Earth One, Volume 3 (Batman: Earth One #3)

Writer: Geoff Johns

Art Team: Gary Frank (Penciller) & Jon Sibal (Inker).


Harvey Dent is dead. Or is he?

A gang of thieves thrusts Gotham City into a state of fear when they are mysteriously well-armed with military-grade weapons: flamethrowers, grenade launchers, and even tanks.

And this gang claims it is funded by none other than former district attorney Harvey Dent.

Balancing his two lives, Bruce Wayne must find the truth by tapping his growing network of agents, including Alfred Pennyworth, Jim Gordon, Waylon "Killer Croc" Jones, and the savvy new Catwoman.

Bruce is distracted by the seemingly impossible return of another figure believed dead: his grandfather Adrian Arkham. He must also comfort his longtime friend, Gotham City mayor Jessica Dent, who is scarred both physically and mentally from her experience with the Riddler, which resulted in the gruesome death of her brother.

But is Harvey back, plotting revenge on a city he proclaims to be guilty?

When Batman discovers the truth behind these many mysteries, his entire world unravels...

Buy online: Amazon CA

Format: Hardcover, 160 pages

Publisher: DC Comics


Not the greatest way to finish this series sadly.

We continue to follow Bruce Wayne as he continues his early adventures as Batman. In this volume, we have him teaming up with Croc, whilst similarly pushing Alfred to the sidelines for some reason. As the story progresses the plot becomes more obvious and unexciting. I was disappointed at the appearance of Adrian Arkham, it seemed unneeded and added the annoying Waynes/Arkham mystery past arc which I feel is unneeded.

It is an okay story, but I am disappointed as we moved away from the "real world" story into the DC universe "Hero World". Meaning the story became a bit of a fantasy plot. Art was the real saviour of the book and is beautifully drawn, but even this had issues. The main part is Catwomen. She looks comically stupid, something between a twitch streamer and the Cheshire cat! Her outfit looked so out of place for a "real world" thief.

The two-face arc should have been the true focus of the book (as it was described) and given more time to build out as we saw a detective Batman working a case, rather than a gungho, punching machine. We saw him working with his team and a had real-world building story. Sadly it was lost within the noise of the unimportant. Also, how can this be the last book? The final panel is way too much of a tease to end it there, with us seeing Robin, Batgirl, Ragman (think that's his name) and of course The Joker!

Seems like a flat note to finish the series this way. I hope more will be coming. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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