Comic Review 182 // 2000 AD Prog 1335

Oooooo excited for this epic double Judge Dredd alien feature. With two cover options! The main cover is by Jock and is the blog post's main image above. It features Judge Dredd shouting while an alien Queen roars in the background. This is portrayed in a stunning orange pallet and really stands out. Then the follow-up image below is by Chris Blythe and shows Dredd about to be swarmed by xenomorphs in a more relaxed colour scheme. Both are very visually striking, and I think Jock's piece takes the win just. I am honestly hoping for an epic finish to the tale.

Okay, straight into the thick of it with Judge Dredd vs. Aliens: Incubus Part 15. It has been a wild ride, lots of action to the series, and this issue does not let up. We get a great scene where Dredd has accepted his fate and gunslinger-style attacks the Queen Alien. This, of course, pisses off the entire nest, it is at this point Judge Giants' team arrives, and we get a Mechanismo vs Queen punch up! The droid loses big time, losing the Nuke it was carrying. With little choice left, Dredd attempts to purge the nest with lava, and it is at this point that I will stop with spoilers. Go read it yourself! It is an excellent ending to great series, and I really hope the follow-up stories stay strong as this was an epic way to reintroduce myself to the prog formats.

Unfortunately, we follow up this incredible story with V.C.s Charon. I can't get into this series! Luckily this is also the last tale for them and has the team attempting to slingshot the Gravity of Pluto's Moon Charon. Unfortunately for the team, their ship is hit, and they plunge into the planet's gravity before disappearing. I assume there is book three, but I am not sad to this end. It is a definite miss for me.

Atavar II Part 7. After attempting to find the Wosk, Atavar and Worldbeaker are left playing chase as they seek out the Wosk who believe their God has arrived to save them. Turns out the giant mass at the core of Rim space is anything but Godly! Turns out the Wosk has invited the bringer of death to all things organic! Great way to end this series. We have gone from searching for an ally to discovering the end of all! After a rough start with this series, I ultimately have grown to enjoy this. Hopefully, Book 3 isn't too far away.

And just like that, we reach an end. A solid book; sad to see the end of the Alien crossover and Atavar but delighted to say farewell to the V.C.s. Let me know what you think of the comic. I love hearing your thoughts.

Until next time cheers for reading!

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