Comic Review 180 // 2000 AD Prog 1334

Sad news, everyone; as I write this piece, I have discovered my beloved Pixelbook 2017 edition Chromebook has died. Sadly the motherboard has fried, and replacement parts are stupidly expensive. Luckily, I still have my gaming P.C. and an old Lenovo tablet, but I will miss reading my comics on such a beautiful system.

This week's prog review replaces my audiobook slot as I have struggled to find time to listen to anything. But it does allow us to continue through the year 2003, we have reached April 2nd, and we have a V.C.s cover image; it gives us no real hint as to what may be inside, I am also finding the series a little dull, so this doesn't fill me with joy.

As always, we start with Judge Dredd VS Aliens: Incubus Part 14. Wow, this series just keeps going! Judge Dredd and Sanchez have escaped the Alien resin and are lost in the nest. While this is happening, Judge Giant's extermination team is ambushed by the mutie gang hanging out in the ruins of the old world. A pretty exciting action pack start. It was also great to finally see the Queen appear!

Though I am enjoying the series, I miss the fear of the earlier issues. The xenomorphs have lost the edge and have become nearly non-threatening.

The new story up next is a Future Shock tale called Head. It is a bit of a silly adventure involving an art critic who gets his comeuppance and ultimately becomes a piece of art himself. These Future Shock tales make me think of Black Mirror. A nice little filler piece, I highly recommend this one.

The V.C.s E & E. Really not enjoying this series. I feel it is just too on the nose for a sci-fi adventure. In this week's story, the team loads up and attempts a rescue mission. The odds are heavily against them, and they soon discover a plot that could change the war's course. This is too much WW2-style adventure comic for me, I am sure this has a lot of fans, but sadly I am not one.

Tales of Telguuth: The Iniquities of Snedron Part 2. Sylvana flees her father and heads to the local tavern for help. Here she finds a rogue who is willing to kill her father in exchange for a night with her, but first, he needs her to steal her father's talisman of protection. Of course, all is not as it seems, and the twist is evident to workout, but such a fun and comical piece. Lovely artwork and storytelling.

Then to finish up the week, we have Atavar II Part 6. While searching the abandoned Wosk World, Atavar discovers a sole inhabitant. The Wosk is an unusual-looking creature with both Bat and Mouse features. While dealing with this creature, we question how advanced they are. They seem highly spiritual and lack their own weapons. When pushed about the missing population, our Wosk responds that they have left to see "God." Soon Atavar and Worldbreaker are gearing up and leaving the planet searching for this new being.

A fun enough tale. I found the Wosk annoying, and I am also confused about the scale. I thought Worldbreaker was a massive ship, but it seems at most the size of a small house? How can this be? Help me understand.

With the end of Atavar, we reach the end of issue 1334. Overall an enjoyable issue; even though I am not enjoying V.C, it is still a solid tale, and I can see the appeal. What are your thoughts? I hope you have been enjoying this series of quick reviews. As always, I appreciate you all and hope you have a fantastic week.

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