Book Review 181 // The Street (ARL) by Rock Forsberg

Following on from The Entrant comes The Street. I enjoyed The Entrant last year, and this short story is a free download after completing it. Unfortunately, I forgot I had this until recently, so I dived into wanting an excellent palette cleanser!

Title: The Street
Author: Rock Forsberg
Series: Antigravity Racing League - 1.5
Page Count: 95
Format: Ebook


This title picks up on Zane's adventures straight after the ending of The Entrant and sees Zane headed back to Amera for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. He has the summer period of a few months to recoup before heading back into the league to secure a new spot on the newly merged team (which I hope will be the theme of the Pro).

Of course, we get to catch up with Zane's family and friends, but we also get to see the progression of his love for Elodie, who is actually an essential part of this story. But as a life off the track becomes dull, Zane finds himself being drawn into the world of the legal street racer.

It is great to watch this young man struggle with pride, honour, duty (issues we all faced in our younger years). Does he hurt his ego and do the right thing, or does he lie until he is cornered with no way out? Of course, Zane chooses the second option, and we join him as he attempts to fix everything. This is definitely a story about character growth and the realization that if Zane is to progress, he needs the help of those closest.

This story also made me really enjoy the character Elodie; she went from being a side NPC of little interest into being what I believe will be a critical character in Zane's life. I really hope the story has a continued role for her to play.

I am excited for The Pro now and can't wait for this to come out. But until then, I am currently downloading the Racer (a prequel) and will hopefully have that completed soon. As always, I thank you for stopping by and reading; until next time, cheers!

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