Book Review 178 // The Aberration by Jake Ozga

Let's continue on the 2021 Warhammer Horror week series. This time is the turn of Book 3 in the series and once more has us delving into the Vampiric World of Age of Sigmar. I am still not sold on the new setting, these stories are helping, but I do miss the Old World (stubbornness is slowing me down, lol).

Title: The Aberration (Warhammer Horror Week 2021 #3)

Author: Jake Ozga

Fluff: A Vyrkos vampire attempts to persuade a mortal guest to join them in the darkness for all eternity.

Learn how seductive the power of vampires can be for the average citizen of the Mortal Realms.

A young woman finds herself the guest of a vampire from the Vyrkos Dynasty bloodline. Will her dark romance lead her to take the Blood Kiss? Or will she resist her host's supernatural attraction?

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This is a good title, not groundbreaking, not 5 out of 5. Just a good solid read. It gave me the creeps, and that is all I want from a horror title.

The Aberration is a very well-written title. The author attempts no tricks but offers an excellent start to finish, fully contained story. The psychological well-being of the main character is truly the draw in this piece, and we get to ride along as she is seduced by a Vampire lord.

I found the plot to be very straightforward but nonetheless unnerving. It is like watching a car crash; you know the result but can't look away. I would recommend this read; it doesn't add lore, doesn't bog you down with any factual AOS information, and is a very straight-up Vampire tale. Well written and enjoyable for $5. Try it out, and let me know your thoughts.

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