Book Review 176 // Lorgar: Bearer of the Word by Gav Thorpe

I couldn't stay away from Warhammer 30k for long! One of my favourite "Bad Guy" Primarch in his own story. Though this could have been a Kor Phaeron tale instead. Read on to discover the truth (of sorts).

Title: Lorgar: Bearer of the Word (The Horus Heresy: Primarchs #5)

Author: Gav Thorpe

Commercial Fluff: The fifth title in The Horus Heresy: Primarchs series, delving into the story of Lorgar, primarch of the Word Bearers Legion and the first of the Emperor's sons to fall to Chaos.

Most devoted of all the primarchs, it was Lorgar who first fell to the lure of Chaos. Once known as Aurelian, this golden son of the Emperor of Mankind found himself an outcast because he worshipped his father as a god. Humbled before the ruins of Monarchia, chastened and brought low, Lorgar yearned for deeper meaning. He found it in the power of Ruin and thus began the descent into heresy. His fate had not always been so. On Colchis, his adopted birth world, Lorgar was not always the zealot, though his path would be nurtured by one: the priest Kor Phaeron.

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Format: Kindle, 256 pages


As with many Horus Heresy titles, this is a hit and a miss. But this title mainly swings into a hitting category. Lorgar is primarily set pre-crusade, set on the unusual world of Colchis. A planet of desert wasteland ruled by religious zealots and tribal nations. The tale kicks off with a rogue Prophet called Kor Phaeron (yep, him) and how he discovers a youth among the tribes who completely stuns him. Soon he is tutoring the boy in the Colchis religion, which happens to be the Chaos powers (how did the Big E miss this?). We then follow the pair as Lorgar creates a cult to the One (i.e. Emps) and unites the planet, while Kor Phaeron secures his position to become the high priest and keep the old faith alive.

A well-written story, which explains a lot. It shows how Lorgar always had "father" worshiped even from a young age, and through this fault, he was able to be corrupted. It also showcases Kor Phaeron as the true evil rather than a moustache-twirling villain. The planet is a fascinating location and deserves more time; Tatooine meets Mad Max and meets Dune.

But it had some flaws. Firstly a lot of Kor Phaeron and this title could have easily been; Kor Phaeron: The Heretic. Not a bad thing, but I would have preferred more insight into Lorgar instead. Not experiencing the uniting of Lorgar and the Emperor, how did it happen, how did the Emperor not see the corruption etc. How did Lorgar convince the Legions to accept the Chaplains?

Though a lot of questions were answered, many more questions were created. What are your thoughts on this book?

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