Beer Review 182 // The Darkness by Beyond the Pale Brewing Company

It's the stout season here on the blog, with last week's Imperial Stout Dark & Picante and now this lovely little number from Beyond the Pale (disclaimer I work for them, but views are still my own). What is everyone else drinking?

Beer: The Darkness
Style: Stout
ABV: 5.6%
Brewery: Beyond the Pale Brewing Company. Ottawa, Ontario. Website
Commercial Fluff: No lineup at a brewery is complete without a solid stout. The Darkness recipe has been brewed and sold since day one of Beyond the Pale. Using rich chocolate malts, roasted barley and a gentle hit of hops, the brewers have managed to produce a robust, full-bodied stout. Expect bold roasted coffee and dark chocolate flavours, perfect for a cozy Sunday after a long week.
Amazon Link: The History of Stouts


Look at my poor well worn BTP glass, the top of the skull is fading away. Will have to retire it soon. The pour is a super dark almost blackish brown colour. The foam is a light chocolate mocha and is full of life, capping the beer beautifully. Aromas are unsurprisingly similar to the tasting notes. Full of chocolate and roasted notes. The first sip makes me think of all the classic stout flavours but without being heavy or overpowering. The livelyness of the brew lift it's from your tongue allowing you to enjoy every sip. I personally enjoyed this while in a cottage at the lake, covered in snow and this truly tasted delicious and warmed my soul. 

What's your favourite stout? Let me know in the comments below.

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