Comic Review 177 // 2000 AD Prog 1332

Straight away, we know we are heading into a scary issue of 2000 A.D. this time. Prog 1332 was released way back in March 2003, and the cover is dominated by a Caballistics, Inc. image. Seems the new house is definitely haunted or cursed!

But before we can discover the truth behind the cover image, we kick off this issue with Judge Dredd vs Aliens: Incubus Part 12. The Mechanismo Units are loose in the Grand Hall of Justice, and it seems to be the tipping point of the battle. With the aid of the robot units, the Judges are finally able to start pushing back against the xenomorph menace. Sadly casualties still rise, and Judge Sanchez is grabbed by the fleeing Xenos and dragged into the Undercity. In his classic heroic ways, Judge Dredd goes off to rescue Sanchez and orders Judge Giant, to seal the portal. The issue finishes with Dredd swarmed by Facehuggers. I feel Dredd is in trouble here. Great start to the issue.

With such an epic sci-fi start, we jump into Caballistics, Inc. Moving In Part 2. The team is finally settling in for sleep in their base of operations. But their bliss is soon disrupted by a scream; seemingly, the house has some extra guests, and they seem to be in the basement. I am definitely enjoying this arc of the Caballistics as I am starting to understand the characters more, and I am intrigued to see what happens next in this haunted house story.

From the slightly slower-paced supernatural story to a fast pace Sci-fi thriller. The V.C.s this week were all guns blazing, full of characteristic sexism and gun porn. Nothing over the top but a good filler piece.

Tales of Telguuth - One Cold Winter Night. We explore the frozen forests of Varthor, where a hunter gets an unusual guest at their fireplace. A classic story of double or maybe triple crossing. Demons vs Humans vs Demons...who is the real evil here? Enjoying the Telguuth stories so far; I wish they could find some better artist, though.

The Final tale for this issue is Atavar II - Part 4. Having been ambushed by World Breaker, the Atavar has to act quickly to survive. Luckily he can best the Champion without causing death. This act of grace proves that Atavar can be trusted, and the beginning of an alliance seems to be forming. It's an okay tale, a bit dull, but at least it is moving the story forwards.

Of course, the standout story is Dredd, closely followed by Caballistics, Inc. I am really enjoying these stories, so expect more reviews in the coming weeks.

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