Book Review 174 // The Vintage (Warhammer Horror Week 2021 #1) by David Annandale

I have been kindly donated the; Warhammer Horror Week 2021 collection by a friend. Made up of five short stories set within the Warhammer universe. This opening tale starts strong with one of my favourite authors taking the lead. So with much excitement, let's jump in.

Title: The Vintage (Warhammer Horror Week 2021 #1)
Author: David Annandale
Commercial Fluff:
An Anasta Malkorion Story. A lowly warrior recounts the tale of his childhood run-in with a vampire who haunts his dreams to this day.

It's a great way to learn more about the Vampire Lord Anasta Malkorion – from a mortal's perspective.

A traumatized Freeguild Soldier stationed in a lonely stronghold remembers how he suffered as a child under the tyranny of Anasta Malkorion, dreading the day she returns to claim the blood she was denied.


David Annandale has done it again. I really enjoyed this 13 page short. Let's get some things straight. One: I am not the biggest fan of Age of Sigmar; this is mainly due to my lack of knowledge of the new setting. Two: This book is designed around the Anasta Malkorion miniature; not sure what came first, the mini or the story.

Overall Annandale, creates a forbidding landscape to set our poor Freeguild regiment in. Having fought alongside the Anvils of Heldenhammer, this regiment is given garrison duty of a keep located in a desolated landscape; the only feature nearby is a creepy rundown castle on the horizon. While the Anvils were there, no one bothered to check out the old castle as it was seemingly unoccupied. This soon changes after they leave, and the horror is revealed!

The lead is an interesting soul, he was raised in the area surrounding this keep, and as a child, he watched as Vampires rampaged crossed the land killing all from the castle on the hill. This is shaped him and led to him wishing to become a Stormcast Warrior in hopes of forgetting his past and moving beyond fear. As his garrison duty starts, he is haunted by dreams of his past and attempts to stay awake and work away his demons. But as the morale of his troops suffers, he decides to rest and discovers his nightmare has only just begun!

Don't want to give too much away. But it is a really great read. Definitely recommend it. Only available on Kindle/epub readers. If you are interested, here is a link to grab a copy off Amazon:

Can't wait to get into the next book. Let me know your thoughts below.

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