Beer Review 181 // Dark & Picante by Beyond the Pale Brewing Company

Wow, I've caught up on my beer review backlog. I've not actually had a whole pint now for about 9 weeks. Meaning, after today's review, I have one beer left to review. This is a strange scenario; I have worked in hospitality since I was 16, and not having a beer looks pretty alien to me. Which I also admit is a strange thing to write out. But as I have become more active on Youtube (click here to visit), other "hobbies" have filled my time, and I love it. What does that mean for this segment? I don't know to be honest; at this time, I have a week to think on it, but most likely comic reviews will appear more often with the odd beer review thrown in.

This week we get to enjoy a favourite of mine, Dark and Picante.

Name: Dark and Picante
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 9.3%
Commercial Fluff: Dark & Picante is our 9.3% Imperial Mexican Cake Stout. Full of Cacao, Cinnamon, vanilla & scotch bonnet, this beer has a gentle building heat, you have been warned.


As already mentioned, this is one of my favourite beers out there. They make it two to three times a year, and I also stock up. I try to always have some in the fridge! The pour is a luxurious dark chocolate brown, with a creamy mocha foam topping it. Straight out of the fridge, you get aromas of milk chocolate vanilla, but if you let it warm up, the coffee and Cinnamon appear.

The taste is decadent, smooth, rich chocolate, well-roasted coffee, and sweet vanilla to cut through it. But as you work your way through the glass, the back of the tongue becomes a spicy playground as Cinnamon and scotch bonnet grow. At no point do they take over the flavour profile; instead, they help build it to higher levels. This is such fantastic beer.

I highly recommend buying this if you are from Ontario. You will not be disappointed.

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