Beer Review 179 // Tasty by Beyond the Pale Brewing Company

I've been struggling to drink a beer of late. It really hasn't interested me; I feel it comes in waves, and like any job/hobby, you suffer burnout. I am in a phase of burnout currently. What does that mean for the blog? Well, not much. You may start seeing fewer posts on the topics, but I have plenty of comics to chat about, so the nerding will continue!

Today's beer is the last IPA I enjoyed at work in 2021 (yes, I work at BTP). So let's get reviewing.

Beer Name: Flash Series - Tasty

Brewery: Beyond The Pale Brewing Company

Style: Pale Ale - New England / Hazy

ABV: 5.5%

Fluff: Tasty is the newest in a series of brews that can trace their lineage back to Yummy and is the latest recipe to come from the brew team's experiments.⁠⁠

Expect big, bold, bright, intense tangerine and hints of pine goodness with a smooth mouthfeel that will please most beer drinkers.


Look at that hazy boi pour. It is thick-looking, crisp white head caps the bright smooth yellow pour. It looks stunning in this glass. The aroma is heavy with citrus, extensive orange notes here on this one. The taste is enormous, with tangerine rind, grapefruit, and a hop burn, making you demand more. A damn delicious beer for sure. I do hope the brewers continue to play with this recipe and show us what else they can do.

Currently, my favourite way to track my new beers: Amazon Link

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