Beer Review 178 // Pale Ale Project by Beyond the Pale

Many of my regular readers would know by now I am drinking a lot closer to home. I am actually buying and consuming a lot of my works beers. Why is this? Well, the main reason is the ease of purchase. With COVID still an issue in Ontario, the thought of travelling around visiting breweries doesn't feel right yet. So being able to grab and beer and go from work and blog is so easy. This week I continue the trend and crack open the Pale Ale Project. Let's go!

Beer Name: Pale Ale Project
Style: APA - American Pale Ale
ABV: 4.9%
Description: To create our most popular Pale Ale, our brew team tried eight different combinations during a year of experimenting. The couple chose Centennial, Amarillo and Simcoe as the winning combo through trial and error. Producing a bright, refreshing and flavoursome all-season session ale.

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As you can see from the photo, the beer pours a traditional straw yellow. It is pretty clear with a gentle haze going through the brew, and the pour is topped by a bright white healthy foam. The aroma is bright and citrus fresh, with lots of lemons. You get the zing of lemony hops, a slight floral note, and some grapefruit pithiness on the sip, which creates a mouthwatering freshness. This is an easy drinker packing a lot of flavours into every sip and with enough bitterness, making you want more. Sneaking in at under 5%, I found myself reaching for a second can. Highly recommend picking up a couple.

Time to start thinking of the summer; I think I should treat myself to one of these Yeti 16oz Vacuum containers: Amazon Link anyone bought one? What are they like?

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