Road to Badab Astral Claws Painting Guide

Fresh year, fresh start. Revisiting an out project of mine but modernizing. I am a big fan of the Badab War, and I enjoy the Forgeworld books. As you will see in the video, I wanted initially to make an Astral Claws force out of Primaris Space Marines. But with the announcement of the new Aeldari, I will not be pushing forwards at this time with that project. Instead, I will be making painting tutorials on the chapters involved in the war and doing up a fluff piece. So, where to begin? Where else than the Astral Claws.


The Astral Claws were founded during the mid-35th millennium as a Crusading Chapter to help stabilize the slowly crumbling Imperium during the Nova Terra Interregnum. Their founding Chapter is unknown, as most records of their existence have been destroyed in an Edict of Obliteration. However, speculation on their gene-seed stability and combat tactics point towards either the Ultramarines or the Dark Angels.

Before their downfall, the Astral Claws possessed a roll of battle-honours that would be the envy of many; after their performance in the Fifth Black Crusade, their Chapter Standard was placed in the halls of the Eternity Gate in the Imperial Palace on Terra.

According to the Apocrypha Kaali, the Astral Claws had "three sons" but only named one; the Tiger Claws. During the Badab War, Inquisitorial investigations found that the Astral Claws were hiding members of the long-thought lost Tiger Claws chapter within their own ranks, as well as illegally expanding their own numbers above Codex-approved norms.

After rebelling against the Imperium and being defeated in the ensuing Badab War, the Chapter's survivors fled into the Maelstrom, becoming the core of the Red Corsairs. As a chapter, they have been declared Excommunicate Traitoris, and any Chapter records are marked to be destroyed.


This chapter deserved better and was wronged during the Badab War (hopefully something we will delve into). Next up will be the Exorcists a chapter worthy of censorship!

Until enjoy the video and give me follow on YOUTUBE.

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