Comic Review 168 // 2000 AD Prog 1330

Usually, Thursdays would be an audible review, but with the festive season, I have fallen behind on listening, so instead, we are having a second 2000 A.D. prog review. Prog 1330 was released in March 2003, and the cover hints straightaway at what to expect in the issue. We have Judge Dredd facing off against a Xenomorph horde. This is an impressive two-page wrap, but it is also fun to see Xeno getting his face blown off. Now to see if the stories impress.

Judge Dredd vs. Aliens: Incubus Part 10
. Mr. Bones has blown a hole from the Undercity straight into the Halls of Justice. With Xenomorphs pouring through the breach, the Judges are quickly on the back foot. Luckily Judge Dredd and the exterminators are on hand, and the rally to secure the halls begins. Elsewhere, the Med Judges attempt to remove a chestbuster when it decides not to go quietly and attacks the Judges!

Great opener for the issue, plenty of action, and I really enjoy this part of the story. I am ready for more action and possibly Mr. Bones to enter the fray.

Bec & Kawl: Urgh. I can't do it; these over-the-top computer references and pop culture comments are crap. At best, the story itself is weak, and I couldn't care less for the characters. Thankfully this is the end, and I seriously hope they don't return. Wow. I haven't hated a comic strip so much.

The V.C.s: Bystander Part 1. Finally, after a few one-off stories, we seem to be getting a series. I have no idea what is going on, if I'm honest. I hope that I will start working it all out with a complete story. But we seem to have an entire battle happening, and though our cast is receiving a beating, they seem to be winning. Then the final panel hits hard as a mysterious spaceship that is massive and dwarves the other crafts appear out of nowhere.

I am definitely intrigued to see where this will go. I have faith in the creative team on this one, so I am sure it will be good.

Tales of Telguuth: Pagrok the Infalliable Part 1. Enjoying these high fantasy tales, they feel Conan about them with the classic, what goes around comes around mentality. In this tale, we meet Pagrok, who seems to read the knucklebones and see the future. After being requested to locate a missing girl, Pagrok discovers a lot of wealth and attempts to find the girl to claim some of the money. But so far, it seems the journey will be dangerous and maybe more troublesome than it is worth.

Atavar II: Part 2.
 Seems strange to have Abnett working on two sci-fi battle adventures but here we go! The Voidshaker Spaceship is wreaking havoc on the enemy forces, but their numbers seem more significant than even this Godship can handle. After losing contact, the alliance believes the ship to be lost. In truth, the ship has survived and has made contact with Atavar.

I am sure the final panel would have meant more to me if I had read the original series. Instead, I am left wanting answers and have to move on to the next issue to find out what is happening!

Overall a good issue, it misses being a great issue due to Bec & Kawl, but with that finished, we can hopefully move on to something more exciting and fun. I hope you enjoy these quick and dirty reviews and don't mind me producing them?

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