Comic Review 167 // 2000 AD Prog 1329

First comic review of 2022! I had to start strong, so we are diving straight in with a 2000 A.D. prog. Issue 1329 was released on the 25th of February 2003. The cover doesn't feel me with joy as it references Bec and Kawl, and I am genuinely over them. But let's hope for the best and dive in.

Judge Dredd vs Aliens: Incubus Part 9. A little filler piece, to be honest. We seem to be moving into the final stages of the comic story, with Mr. Bones ready to blow a hole in the justice department. Still a beautiful-looking comic, excited for the fighting to begin.

Bec & Kawl - Part 2. Why does this bore me so much? I really don't enjoy this; we now have a matrix rip-off nerd group fighting the Anti-geek in a Ripley-style Powerloader. Absolute garbage.

The V.C.s - Tickover. It's a slow story for sure; we get an introduction to the team as they wait to see if they contact the enemy. What is going on with this issue? It is so slow this week.

Tales of the Telguuth - The Black Arts of Skrixlan Nort. A story following a Wizard who paints. It would seem that whoever the Wizard Paints he can summon, so many of his paintings involve demons and monsters. This comes in extremely useful as he has to combat a Necromancer!

It is a bit more exciting tale; it was nice to have a bit of fantasy in the comics.

ATAVAR II - Part 1.
 It is a sci-fi tale that I am unsure if there was a first season or not. Either way, we are dropped hot into a story of an intergalactic war. Seems like one race was pretty much wiped out and have become tactical advisors for another race. Together they have created a creature/weapon to turn the tide and have released it onto the galaxy. As it razes a world of the enemy, there seems to be an unknown issue arising, and we are left wanting more.

Interestingly enough, start a new series. Hopefully, this will improve and grow.

Overall a slow issue. Judge Dredd seemed to just be ticking over, Bec & Kawl is a full-on disaster, The V.C.s was also quiet, Tales of the Telguuth was a fun one-shot, and Atavar II has potential. So closer to an average issue all around. Seems a shame as the issues before have been relatively good. I hate to see it slide.

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