Beer Review 176 // Clean Cut Inspired by Kolsch Unfiltered

I am so ready to go exploring; with my birthday rapidly approaching, I have the urge to travel, but with the world currently, how it is, it is hard to justify going somewhere when everything is closed. So instead, I kept my money and spent it locally, real locally; I spent it at work and purchased some Beyond the Pale beer.

This week's brew is a classic after-work beer for me called Clean Cut. This beer is inspired by German-style Kolsch. Traditionally filtered until transparent, BTP (Beyond the Pale) when they started brewing this didn't have the equipment needed, so they went with an unfiltered version. Jump forward a few years, and now Clean Cut is filtered, but at least once or twice a year, BTP releases the Unfiltered to see how far the brewery has come. Here are the details.

Beer: Clean Cut - Kolsch Inspired  - Unfiltered
ABV: 5%
Brewery: Beyond the Pale Brewing Company
Location: Ottawa, Ontario.
Fluff: To make a truly "inspired by" beer, you have to visit the people who make it the best. After shipping the brew team to Koln, Germany, they came back and created our Clean Cut recipe. Using 100% German malts and yeast, the brewers could produce our most on-style beer ever. Crisp, Clean and refreshing, this is a fantastic patio beer and perfect for sharing.


Well, this beer delivers. The pour is a beautiful, strawlike yellow brew with a lively creamy white head that looks delicious. It settles lovely in the glass, with the head crisping up to line the inside of the pint glass as we drink it. Aromas are biscuity and bread forward, very gentle, but very welcoming. The taste is as described, super clean, crisp and refreshing. Due to the unfiltered nature of this brew, it has a bit more bitterness and a creamier mouthfeel, but it is so delicious. I usually have at least 4 cans of the filtered version in my fridge at all times.

As always, I appreciate you stopping by and reading. Why not start your own beer blogging adventure and keep a record of your drinks using this great Beer Journal (Link is to and is an affiliate link). I personally like this one as it is clean, easy to use and prompts you on the key points.

Until next time Cheers!

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