Beer Review 174 // Lager than Life by Beyond the Pale Brewing Company

First beer review of 2022. Where to begin? Wanted to get going on some special brews but with the pandemic moving into a new phase I was unable to go off exploring once more in December and had to stay closer to home (ie. work). So to kick off 2022, I will be reviewing Lager than Life by Beyond the Pale Brewing Company here in Ottawa.

Lager than Life.
Style: Lager
Format: Can 473ml
ABV: 5.0%
Brewery: Beyond the Pale Brewing Company ( - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Fluff: A delicious new offering to add to the growing 'Flash Series' line. Lager than Life was created using the brew team's favourite German Pilsner Malt. Combining this malt with Saaz hopping has created a slightly sweet, crispy lager that they filtered to help pop.


BTP have really been impressing me with the lager/Pilsner brews of late. On the pure you are greeted by a bright, clear, yellow brew, lively with carbonation and capped by a healthy white head.

The aromas is everything you expect from a pilsner style beer. Bready and a little sweet. The sip is refreshing and goes down easy. At 5% this is an very satisfying beer, the maltiness pairs with the sweet characters and with the carbonation on point the mouthfeel is clean and crisp. A really great brew to start the new year with. Hopefully this beer will be back soon.

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Cheers to reading this review.

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