2000 AD - How to Paint Jack Point

First fully finished figure of 2022. I started with a Judge Dredd figure, so I went with the most infamous Jack Point of the Wally Squad Division for this first miniature. The How-to video is a quick and easy-to-follow guide of how I went about painting this fantastic model by Warlord Games.

You know how to paint him; it is time for some fluffy background.

The strip name "The Simping Detective" comes from Point's habit of wearing clown accoutrements like a rubber nose and bow tie – in the fictional universe of Judge Dredd, "simping" is slang for dressing like a fool or simpleton. It is also a play on The Singing Detective. The name 'Jack Point' itself comes from the same name from the Gilbert and Sullivan opera The Yeomen of the Guard, who is a wandering jester.

Fictional character biography

Point's first significant case involved investigating the Crystal Blue drug, which led him into a conspiracy involving the corrupt new Sector Chief Daveez, a nun-run school for troubled juves (who were producing the drug), and the vicious alien predators known as the Raptaurs, whom the drug is manufactured from. He just barely managed to destroy all the Raptaurs and adopted the offspring of one - dubbed Cliq - as a pet and backup. He has since been involved in several cases alongside and conflicting with fellow PI Galen DeMarco and investigating a new incarnation of the mass-murdering Hunters Club. He made an ally and crush in the mysterious PVC-clad Miss Ann Thropé, who helped him on several cases; it turned out she was manipulating him to kill Cliq and gain a nest of new Raptaurs as a result, though only one survived and was adopted by Point as a new pet, Larf. She is currently trying to get him to quit the force and join her team of ex-Judge mercenaries.

In 2134, after Angeltown barely survived Chaos Day, Point was drawn into Judge Smiley's conspiracy (in the story Trifecta). After waking up with no memory, he accidentally killed a brainwashed Wally Squad judge who had been carrying a jester doll. Daveez, working with the corrupt Black Ops Division, attempted to blackmail Point by kidnapping DeMarco; Point saved her, preventing her from killing him by claiming he would arrest him "by the book," but then murdered the Sector Chief himself. Escaping Black Ops agents, he found he was now listed as a rogue judge. He turned to Miss Ann Thropé for help, and she steered him to a buyer for the doll, which turned out to contain stolen Justice Department data: Judge Dredd then burst in on the sale, revealing the judge Point had killed was Wally Squad chief Folger, and he was under arrest for treason. Point barely escaped, abandoned Larf to Black Ops, and tried to flee off-world. He eventually discovered that the whole thing had been set up as part of a secret investigation into Black Ops, in which he had been involved, and he rejoined Justice Department.

Here Jack Point's current timeline ends. I seriously hope Point is back soon as I love this character.

I hope you enjoyed this video and the introduction to Jack Point. Return tomorrow when I review his collected comic, The Simping Detective.

Want to learn more about 2000 A.D.? Why not start with the 2000 A.D. Encyclopedia (link is via Amazon, and I get a kickback). Thank you for reading, and if you want to chat more, come find me on Instagram.


  1. Nice! The figure looks great and the character synopsis was a solid overview. You were right about this wave of figures really standing out. I don't have the robots yet, but the Kleggs and Wally Squad are cleaned, based and ready to prime. They are all amazing figures, but I'm especially into painting the Kleggs and Nixon.

    1. Thank you. I found the robots a bit hit and miss ultimately I am loving the direction of the ranges so far.


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