Top 5 Adventures with Peps 2021

Thought it would be fun to do a round-up of the year. Not wanting to create an essay on each daily topic, I will list my top five in each category, add a link and a reason why I choose it. Let the recap begin!


  1. Aliens - Xenomorphs - 2021 was the year for most painted minis in the last 5 years! Helped in no small part by painting up 16 Xenomorphs.
  2. Aliens - Gorman - Gorman was fun to paint model, where I attempted to copy the movie outfit to the best of my abilities.
  3. Judge Dredd - Medic Judge - Something a little different from the average Street Judge.
  4. Judge Dredd - SJS Judge Quincy - sat on the to-be-painted pile for far too long. It was a real treat to finally complete this model.
  5. Judge Dredd - Nero Narcos - Put my own twist on this absolute beast of a Judge Dredd villain. A simple colour change made a massive difference in painting this model.

2022: What does 2022 hold? Lots of painting Aeldari and hopefully finish painting the Marines from Aliens. After that, some more Warlord Games and some Space Marines.


  1. Sharpe's Triumph - Historical storytelling won out this year. Maybe due to it being a palette cleanse of a sort?
  2. Luther: First of the Fallen - Dark Angels, chaos, arrogance and Gav Thorpe. What more could I honestly hope for?
  3. The Purging of Kadillus - Double Dark Angels. I feel the draw to this chapter and its dark secrets.
  4. Aliens vs Predator: Prey - A story that I wouldn't describe as a masterpiece, but it brought me so much enjoyment.
  5. Judges: Volume Two - Early Judge Dreddverse tales, I need to delve deeper into the book collection and read more 2000 AD novels.
2022: More of Sharpe's adventures for sure. I want to read a few more Discworld's this upcoming year and delve more into Dan Abnett's stories, either Eisenhorn or Gaunt's Ghosts. I feel Gaunt's Ghosts, and Sharpe could be a good pairing. 


  1. Eisenhorn - Xenos - Eisenhorn bought to life, the series has been started, and now it demands to be finished.
  2. Queen's Gambit - Something a little different for me, after enjoying the tv show, I took to listening to the drama, and it was so much better. Brought more background to the characters.
  3. The Long Night - Dark Angels vs. Nightlords in the Horus Hersey arc. A perfect line-up, along with a fantastic story.
  4. Arkham County - A late entry, but a very interesting modernization of the Lovecraft stories. Fun, enjoyable listen.
  5. Khârn: The Eightfold Path - Short drama about everyone's favourite Khârn. This gives us a noble, honourable character who is swept into bloodshed he did not choose.
2022: More Horus Heresy. I want to finish the series and move onto the siege of Terra and maybe find a new series to start delving into. I also want to get through more Xenomorph stories that I have enjoyed lately.


  1. Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files 14 - The best arc Necropolis! The Dark Judges have come to claim MC-1 as their own, and no one can stop them.
  2. Boba Fett Enemy of the Empire - Star Wars' best Bounty Hunter, written by John Wagner! Highly enjoyable.
  3. Glimmer Rats - Full Metal Jacket meets Sci-fi is a tremendous short-run comic. Deserves a revisit by 2000 AD.
  4. The Dead Man - Linked to Complete Case Files 14 - It follows the return of Dredd to MC-1 just in time to stop the Dark Judges.
  5. Brit-Cit Noir - X-Files meets Judge Dredd with a British twist. Not the most important stories out there but stuck with me, which means it has to be here.
2022: More Judge Dredd and more 2000 AD in general. Going to read more Megs and Progs. I also want to delve into Slaine more before releasing the Warlord Games miniature line. 

  1. Nanaimo Imperial Stout Collaboration by Bellwoods, Trillium Brewing and Evil Twin - My favourite treat in the form! Sign me up.
  2. Unify or Die 2021 by Blood Brothers Brewing - So good I've now reviewed it twice!
  3. Damien Thorn by Blood Brothers Brewing - A big, bold brew. Maple, Hazelnut and coffee, A killer combo.
  4. Peche Mortel Framboise by Dieu du Ciel - Four stouts in the top 5. I definitely have a type.
  5. Bianca Blueberry Maple Pancake by Omnipollo - Beautiful colour and flavour. A stunning beer for sure.
2022: Not sure what next year will hold. My drinking has slowed right down, so you may see fewer reviews. Just don't know anymore.

Youtube Videos I've created
  1. Road to Necromunda with House Delaque Part 1 - Leader - Started my Journey into the deep dark underhive.
  2. Painting Jack Point by Warlord Games - 2000 AD - Judge Dredd - A favourite Judge Dredd character finally has a miniature.
  3. Aliens Another Glorious Day In The Corps Painting Xenomorphs - The most painted models I've done at once.
  4. How to Paint Craftworld Altansar Aeldari - A learning curve that seemed to work.
  5. Xenomorph assembly. Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps by Gale Force Nine. - Fuck those tails!
2022: More gaming, more paint and lots more Aeldari. Maybe a month blog round-up as well moving forwards.

And there you go. A quick and painless round-up of the year. Overall I am really pleased with what I achieved. My ultimate goal for 2022 is to stay on course; I want to improve this year and spend time learning the skills and abilities. I also wish to be more organized. Wish me luck!

I hope you have enjoyed this year with me, and here's to the next one.

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