Comic Review 166 // 2000 AD Prog 1328

Time to enjoy another Prog. Issue 1328 was released on Feb 19th, 2003 and has a deadly duo on the cover; it looks like Dante finally catches up with his mother.

As always, we start with Judge Dredd vs Aliens: Incubus Part 6. The xenomorph Judge Dredd killed has melted a hole through to the undercity, creating a rather big headache for the Justice Department, who are rushing to discover the truth behind this attack. Unknown to them, their target is located in the undercity. Mr. Bones is a badass character! Viewed as a mutant and shunned by the city, Mr. Bones became part of a starship crew and soon rose to a position of power. Unfortunately, he discovered a starship carrying alien eggs and was forever changed. With the ability to grow an army, he is seeking his revenge, and I feel we are ramping up to the central conflict. Excited!!!

** Note ** I need to make a Mr. Bones for the Judge Dredd game and create a few Xenomorph characters for the judges to fight.

Sadly this incredible tale is followed by another Bec & Kawl. Titled EEEVIL.COM Part 1. Seems like we are getting a multi-part story, so maybe they will grow on me? Sadly this story did nothing for me. Kawl is sucked into the internet, where he meets the spider in the middle, and while Bec attempts to work out what is happening, she is kidnapped by men in suits. A pretty dull tale, and the artwork for me just doesn't do anything for me. A big miss.

Third, in the prog comes The V.C.s - Shotgun. These tales read like an old Battle Magazine, and I am all for it! A great short but sweet story that may bleed into the next issue? We have a fighter team attempting to protect a transport ship against an enemy group. Unfortunately, our team lost the fight, and the transport was destroyed utterly. It is strangely refreshing to see the heroes fail; it truly makes for a more believable story. Great job.

The fourth and final tale is Nikolai Dante: Hell and High Water Part 8. Dante is reunited with his Pirate Queen Mother and explains a rough but incomplete version of events leading to them reuniting. At this point, the Pacifica Forces attack; their goal was to aid Dante in installing himself into his mother's care, but sadly Lord Murakami oversteps his mission and attempts to kill both Dantes. This, of course, does not go to plan, and Nikolai Dante soon has the Murakami at his mercy. Fearing that the cowardly Lord would reveal his plans to save his own skin, Nikolai kills him, keeping his silence. This attack has allowed the Dante's to bond, and the story ends with the pair sailing off. This also seems to be the end of the story arc. I hope Dante is back soon!

Overall a solid issue. Bec & Kawl is a letdown for me, and I fear how long this series will last. Otherwise, great Dredd, V.C.s and Dante stories. I hope this pace continues, and Bec & Kawl is just a hiccup.

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