Comic Review 164 // 2000 AD Prog 1327

The festive season is upon us, and I am taking my foot off the gas on some of my projects, the main one being a slow down on reading books and a slow down on audible reviews. I will try and enjoy the season a bit and spend some quality downtime with family. This means that you will see an uptick in comic reviews, especially on these 2000 A.D. prog reviews. It is so easy for me to just pick up and read a comic before bed or during a lunch break. So expect so many more!

Today's review is of Prog 1327, originally released on Feb 12th, 2003. The cover features a V.C. character and an alien. Hands up, I know nothing about the V.C.s, so I feel I have a steep learning curve to climb. I find the cover art a little lacklustre, to be honest. I just hope the inside is better.

Judge Dredd vs Alien: Incubus Part 7. Still a powerful story. Judge Dredd has faced off against a Xenomorph, and while it was reeling from a flare to the mouth, Judge Dredd launches it off the zoom train to plummet to the city bottom. Here it goes, splat melting a colossal hole into the undercity. At this time, we discover Jeremiah, an activist, is behind these creatures, but who is he working for, and why on earth would they hide out in the undercity?

Love this story so much. Even though I strongly remember this story, re-reading it gives me goosebumps.

New tale! Bec & Kawl: Enlightenment. Hopefully, this is a one-shot. I didn't enjoy it at all; a pair of stoners summon a grass spirit and request the meaning of life. After being fed a load of B.S., the characters leave feeling unfulfilled and setting a fire near the grass spirit.

Wow, I was unfulfilled after that. No thank you 2000 A.D., No thank you!

The V.C.s: Look on the Bright Side. So my knowledge of the V.C.s is zero, but it would seem they are a military unit specializing in hard-to-achieve goals. For this mission, they are attempting to take out a solid military point; the only problem is a blinding sun bathes the land roughly every minute, blinding defender and attacker alike. V.C. Smith (who might be the main character?) gets a crazy idea and almost burns up achieving the goal, but he does succeed in destroying the base.

For a one-shot, it was pretty good. Wish I had a better grasp of what this story arc is about.

Terror Tales!: The Statue Garden.
 A young man questions a blind old man in a bar about a local artist who creates stunning and life-like statues. His goal is to attempt to rob her, but he realizes his error following the chat with the blind old man.

A great short tale, super enjoyable, great artwork, and just stunning. I really enjoy this one.

Nikolai Dante: Hell and High Water Part 7. Finally, Dante's mum has appeared! Working for the Black Dragons, Dante has sought out his mother for an unknown reason. It is also nice to see how his mother interacts with this new location's population. She doesn't seem as scary as I remember...but I am sure this can change.

Overall this was interesting. Not as strong as the previous issues but still Dredd, Dante and the Terror Tales are some good reads and well-deserving of the cover price.

Want to learn more about 2000 AD? Why not start with the 2000 AD Encyclopedia (link is via Amazon, and I get a kickback). Thank you for reading, and if you want to chat more, come find me on Instagram.

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