Book Review 162 // The Last Voyage of Elissa Harrow by Denny Flowers

I'm reaching the end of my Necromunda Short stories! Only one more after this tale. What on Earth am I going to do?

Title: The Last Voyage of Elissa Harrow (Necromunda)

Author: Denny Flowers


Want to read this tale? Here is a link to Amazon to purchase: Banner-Jarl by Will McDermott

Elissa Harrow is adrift. Deep in the sump of Necromunda's underhive, she floats on a makeshift raft, half-dead and desperate to survive. In this benighted place, Elissa will face horrors beyond imagining – monstrous creatures, mysterious strangers and the consequences of her own actions. Is death the only way out, or does a darker fate await her?


As a warning, this story has a few spoilers, and I can't really write the review without announcing them. You have been warned. First up, stop and make sure you have read Low Lives and the Hand of Harrow (I haven't read this title yet, but it is definitely linked). If you have read this, the info in this book makes a lot more sense. Following her failure, at the end of Low Lives, we join Elissa as she struggles to survive the waters of the sump. This is a fantastic character-building piece as we witness her sheer mental fortitude and strength to survive. This short story seems to hint at more tales to come, and I am personally excited to see what Denny Flowers can do as he looks pretty good at creating a Necromunda I can believe in.

With this, I have one short left for now: Cut and Gut by Robert Rath. I will miss this break in my reading, but it is time to pick up a whole novel once more.

Want to read this tale? Here is a link to Amazon to purchase: The Last Voyage of Elissa Harrow by Denny Flowers

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