Book Review 161 // Long Way Home by Filip Wiltgren

A rare short story today from the Necromunda book Uprising. We have a story about the Van Saar gang. Back as a teenager when Necromunda came out in the '90s, and my best friend at the time played a lot of Necromunda. I started with House Goliath but soon wound up with a kick-ass Delaque gang (which I am currently trying to recreate over on youtube). But my friend knew which crew he wanted straight away, and that was Van Saar. He loved the look, the gadgets, everything about them. So when I got to read about House Van Saar, I think back to those days.

The story is a classic double-cross coming-of-age tale and follows a young Prospect/Juve called Skinny Verhan. Verhan has been contacted by a Pit Slave to trade some rare tech his master has acquired. Fearful of a double-cross, the Delta-V Van Saar Gang rollout in full force, with the fear soon realized as the double-cross happens in a beautifully unique market/bazaar area.

This is a remarkable story, I never read any of Filip Wiltgren's work before, but now I want more. He made the Van Saar stand out and not just be tech-heads; it was also refreshing to have something different to Escher and Orlocks (something we need more off from Black Library). The main character was a well-rounded lead, and you wanted them to succeed from the very first page. I hope Wiltgren returns soon to write more Necromunda as I, for one, would buy it.

Want to read this tale? Here is a link to Amazon to purchase: Necromunda: Uprising

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