Book Review 160 // Banner-Jarl by Will McDermott

Banner-Jarl is the next title in a long line of Necromunda short stories I have been reading from the Anthology: Uprising. Initially released by Black Library way back in September 2020. This was a quick sweet read so let us dive in.

Description: Once banner-jarl for the Vega Rams, an elite mercenary company Grendl Grendlsen lost everything when his liege crossed paths with Lord Helmawr, the ruthless ruler of Hive Primus. Forced into the Underhive, Grendl has made a new name for himself as a bounty hunter and hired gun. His latest job brings back bad memories of his previous life and may cost the former banner-jarl the only thing of value he has left, his life.

For those who don't know, Grendl Grendlsen is a Squat. A race hugely popular back in the '80s but later killed off by GW by the Tyranid fleets. But they have a hardcore following still, and over the years, GW has continued to release models and lore on this dying race. Grendl was the most recent addition, and so it made sense to have a story for him.

As a fully formed bounty hunter, Grendl is a popular model for collectors and having completed this story, I am now seriously tempted to pick one up myself. The story is packed full of action and some rather exciting locations and lore. It would seem Grendl is the type of character that no matter how many times he is knocked down, he picks himself up and keeps going. This story does a lot to make Grendl a realistic and well-rounded character, giving us a rare glimpse into the history of the squats. If you enjoy character background lore mixed in with a healthy amount of action, then I feel you would enjoy this one-shot story.

Want to read this tale? Here is a link to Amazon to purchase: Banner-Jarl by Will McDermott

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