Book Review 159 // Princess Monroe and Her Happily Ever After by Jody Smith

Today we have something a little different; as part of my Loves Book Tours group, I had a chance to pick a book to share with my four-year-old daughter. It was a joy to go through this book multiple times and see and hear what was enjoyed. But before diving into that, here are the details.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author for this review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

Title: Princess Monroe & Her Happily Ever After

Author: Jody Smith

Artist: Glynise Martin

Edition: Kindle Edition. Published September 27th, 2018 by Purple Butterfly Press


Princess Monroe is the kind of fairy tale we've all been waiting for!

"I am a Princess AND a Warrior." Do you have a daughter who sports tutus and converse shoes with a sword swung over her back? Then she's going to LOVE Princess Monroe, a princess who saves herself!

Princess Monroe is more than just a princess. She's an independent girl with lots of different interests. While her Queen Mom has ideas of finding her a prince, Monroe wants to explore, learn, play, get dirty, and find her own way in the world. As the Princess proves that she can do anything she wants without being saved by a prince, her mom starts to listen. 

Ultimately, Monroe finds her own happy ending.

If you're tired of reading fairy tales about princesses who need a prince to rescue them from your daughter, this spunky little bi-racial Princess is the answer for you.

Author Bio

Jody Smith is a first-time author and longtime believer in fairytales. A former interior designer and store owner, this now present mama, dreamer, and explorer are telling stories outside Mpls, MN. She loves watching her two charismatic girls use their imagination, grit, smarts and whimsy to navigate this world. It inspired her to write a book for all the princesses who can save themselves and for all the mindful mothers who revel in raising strong daughters.


The story starts like most traditional Princess tales, with an account of your typical Princess. The only difference is that she is candid about what she wants from life and instead has to convert her mother into believing that any life is possible and that you don't have to wait for a Prince to save you.

The artwork is entertaining, and the story is straightforward. Monroe's goals for her own future are exciting and varied while being inspiring and creative. As I read to my daughter, I hope it would inspire and intrigue her. It shows that dreams are essential, ambition is important and that you should always communicate your emotions. This is a book all about empowerment, but I do feel my little one may have been a little too young to fully appreciate the tale and the meaning, but I am joyful when the book is now requested at the reading time and hope to continue reading the story in the years to come.

Treat your kids to this beautiful book this festive season. Use the link proved to find it on Amazon (all links usage can lead to me getting a kickback, I thank you for the support).

Princess Monroe and Her Happily Ever After

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