Beer Review 173 // Nog Hog by Whiprsnapr

We are now post-festive season, meaning it is time to enjoy some festive brews. Here we have a local brewery that I somehow have yet to write a review about. Whiprsnapr is an Ottawa Brewery not scared to experiment; sometimes it works and sometimes not so much. This beer, I believe, was initially made in 2019, so the fact that it is back this year shows it was successful, so let us get drinking!

Brewery: Whiprsnapr

Location: Ottawa

Beer Name: NOG HOG

Price: CAD 3.54

Style: White Stout

ABV: 5.4%

Fluff: Spicy - Warm - Festive!

Eggnog, what else needs to be said? A very untraditional take on a  traditional holiday drink that we can only assume was started to help tolerate visitors.

We decided that a white stout would be a perfect base for this super fun eggnog-inspired beer. The sweetness from milk sugars, along with traditional seasonings of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla, make this another Xmas treat to help tolerate visitors ;-)


The pour is what I expected to see, with a brownish-yellow body with a white cap of foam on it. The aroma is rather sweet, and the spices remind me of pumpkin ales. The taste continues this trend, and I just can't shake the pumpkin ale taste. I know it is genuinely the nutmeg and cinnamon playing with my mind, but give me this in the Halloween season, and I would swear it was a pumpkin ale. Overall straightforward drinking, and I really enjoyed getting to try this beer. I would recommend it for next season.

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Cheers to reading this review.

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