Beer Review 172 // Chocolate Monocle with Almonds - Third Moon Brewing Company

Welcome to the second to last beer review of 2021. Crazy how fast time is going. For this beer review, I try an all-new beer and brewery. Third Moon Brewing Company is making waves in the Ontario beer scene, and this collaboration with a Quebec brewery is just going to make them blow up!

Beer: The Chocolate Monocle With Almonds

Brewery: Third Moon Brewing Company

Notes: Collaboration with BreWskey

Style: Stout - Imperial / Double Pastry

ABV: 11%

Fluff: Imperial stout with chocolate, vanilla, almonds and lactose. Brewed in collaboration with our friends BreWskey in Montreal.


Damn, what a dark pour. This is black, pure black with a chocolate mocha head. In the glass, this is a thick, inky brew. On the aroma, it is roasty, caramel and milk chocolate notes. There is a nuttiness which I assume is the almond, while a sweet vanilla hit comes in strong at the end. 

It is a rather sweet-tasting brew. A lot is going on, and the beer jumps between vanilla/lactose sweetness to roasty chocolate malts. It is thick and coats the mouth like whole milk; it is a dangerous brew with the sweetness becoming rather moreish.

Overall a great intro to the brewery and beer that delivered in flavour. Would love to know your thoughts.

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Cheers to reading this review.

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