Beer Review 170 //Cherry Pie Sour by Collective Arts Brewing

Sometimes you see a beer, and it just intrigues you. This is one of those beers. Cherry Pie Sour by Collective Arts Brewing is a 7.5% brew, described as an Imperial Fruited Sour. I am definitely interested to see how this tastes and if it will actually live up to the name.

There's nothing wrong with a bit of dessert! Our latest small-batch sour is called Cherry Pie - take one sip, and you'll see exactly why. We used a blend of sweet and sour cherries with a touch of almond and vanilla for a tart, refreshing sour that's balanced by a hint of sweetness. It really is like biting into a slice of cherry pie with a graham cracker crust!

Though you can't see it due to my poor taste in cup ware (lol), it pours a hazy rich red, purplish hue. The head though quick to form, never grows more than a finger in depth. It does get a nice pink hint to it and seems to hang out for the entire consumption. As it is pouring, I get a whiff of sweet cherries and marshmallow vanilla. It is definitely giving me a cherry pie vibe but is this a true scent or just the power of suggestion as the title forces you to imagine a pie.

The first sip greets you with a tart cherry hit, which then gets pushed aside by the almost over-the-top sweetness. Once again, the Marshmellow vanilla hit leaves a lingering note, coating the mouth in a creamy texture. For 7.5%, I am not experiencing much booziness.

Overall a pleasant enough one-off beer. Definitely not a beer I would have a second of in one evening. But give it 6 months, and I would happily sample again. It is well made, as is expected from Collective Arts, but I don't foresee this becoming a permanent brew for them.

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