Beer Review 169 // Pecan Pie Porter by Double Trouble Brewing Co.

I rarely buy into the seasonal brews like pumpkin and pecan pie flavours, but my better half picked up this can of Pecan Pie Porter by Double Trouble, so I felt I best try it.

A robust porter that's enhanced with natural pecan flavour. It's dark, complex and flavourful with malty, roasted, chocolate and nutty aromas leading to flavours of coffee, burnt sugar and chocolate milk. The palate is sweet and creamy, with vanilla and pecan pie tones on the finish. Serve paired with or as a dessert. - LCBO

As you can see, it pours a thick-looking dark brown, with a full, lively light chocolate brown head. The retention of the head is impressive, and it laces the glass all the way down. On aroma, I am getting a considerable amount of chocolate and not much else. As I sip, I get a butter tart sweetness of sugar, followed by some nutty notes. The finish is smooth with just a hint of burnt bitterness. Overall an okay beer, very safe. I found it to be a little thick for a porter, in my personal opinion. Definitely a dessert drink and deserving of buying, but I wait until the season comes again.

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