Miniature Monday // Warlord Games Wally Squad

Oh man, was I excited for this kit. Warlord Games have so far done a great job at supporting the Judge Dredd miniature game. Of course, with COVID and production issues, delays happened. But we finally got wave 2 or maybe wave three of miniatures. We are treated to three unique new kits; Wally Squad, Klegg-Hai and Mega-City Robots. This week we will be showcasing the Wally Squad. Have a watch, enjoy and be sure to follow me over on Youtube.

Inside this pack, you will find 3 Famous Wally Squad Judges:
  • Jack Point
  • Dirty Frank
  • Aimee Nixon
1 Unit Card (Wally Squad Judges), 3 Character Cards (Jack, Frank and Aimee) and then 2 Big Meg Cards: Face Change & Wally Squad.

I plan to do some painting videos soon and then do a complete character profile on each of them over here on the blog. If this interests you, please do sign up for notifications or follow me on social media.

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Filmed on the Sony zve-10:

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