Comic Review 161 // 2000 AD Prog 1325

I am really getting into these short prog reads. I promise Judge Dredd Complete Case Files 16 is coming. But for now, let us enjoy Prog 1325. Released way back in 2003 on January 29th. The cover is full of zombie goodness and actually has me intrigued by what is happening in Caballistics Inc. this week. So less chat, more reviewing.

Judge Dredd vs Aliens: Incubus Part 5.
What a fantastic romp this has been so far. The pest control team has been ambushed by the Hospital Xenomorph, and it rapidly chews through three members of the group. I love this story for a few reasons. 1) The artwork is stunning just love it. 2) The Xenomorph is deadly. We get to see them as the silent, stalking killers of our nightmares. One managed to maul up a Judge Team real bad, and the second is kicking ass and slaughtering its way through a hospital. Love it!

Caballistics Inc. Going Underground Part 5. Okay, so the cover had really nothing to do with the story. The team is still fleeing through the underground tunnels, heading towards the occult bomb that has reactivated under London. It would seem there is a way to defuse the device, but it will require Ravne to sacrifice someone - Miss Simmons. I am still enjoying the series, but this was a solid filler piece.

Nikolai Dante: Hell and High Water Part 5. Dante is saved by the Black Dragons airships, who drive the forces of the Kraken away but not before the Kraken chows down on one of his crewmen's hearts while declaring vengeance on Dante (Crazy ass character). The Black Dragons mind, you don't seem much better, and soon Dante is in a duel and being his classic charismatic shelf. I like series; it is tempting me to pick up his early adventures and start reading them.

Sinister Dexter: Relode Part 4. Holy Moses has the boys trapped and outgunned in a D-Jump lab. Sadly for the duo, the professor is years away still from having a ready prototype. Luckily as the bullets fly, Billi has a fantastic idea of pre-booking a D-flight and the pair are saved as Manx crashes his craft straight into the lab, saving the trio and jumping out of that timeline. It is then revealed that they may have not been in their own history and instead in an alternate dimension. The story finishes with Holy Moses putting the moves on the professor. I have a strong feeling Holy Moses will be back to get the pair soon! Great little fun four-part story. Was nice to see the return of a classic character like Moses and his mafia-styled gang. I love the characters, and I really hope they return soon.

Slaine: Moloch Part 5.
Slaine still does not trust the Demon Moloch (rightly so he is a demon), so he enlists the aid of a seer to help him see the future. The seer seems unsuccessful before suddenly prophesying the actual future - steel chariots and birds, a demon trapped in crystal, no fish in the sea. Having heard the news, Slaine dismisses her slight and grows moody over Ireland's future. Wishing to be alone, Niamh walks the coast, where she is ambushed by Moloch; in a shocking scene, we see the demon stab her before raping her (this was a horrific scene). Slaine is worried about how long Niamh is gone and goes in search. Discovering her death, we have a rather heartbreaking farewell and an enraged Slaine.

Another solid Prog from 2000 AD. I am so glad I got back into reading these. I had stopped pre-2000 due to what I felt was a decline in quality, but these are some vital issues so far. Let's hope it continues.

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