Comic Review 160 // 2000 AD Prog 1324

It's so refreshing to be reading progs once more. These short story snippets really capture my interest and help me focus just long enough to get things completed. With this in mind, let us jump into Prog 1324.

First up, the cover is damn impressive. We have Judge Dredd face to face with a damn Xenomorph; this fills me with so much confidence for the opening story. Let's go.

Judge Dredd - Incubus Part 4. Finally, we get some real action. Most of the search team is injured or down, and the Xenomorph is up in the rafters. Dredd being his heroic self climbs up to face off with the monster. In confusion, the Xenomorph drops to the ground, and an impetuous Judge Earl, Hi-Ex's the beast creating a massive acid explosion and eats a shit ton of acid. Epic story.

Caballistics, Inc - Going Underground Part 4. Multiple London underground stations are being overrun by otherworldly creatures. The specialist SAS squads are rapidly overwhelmed and killed, while our primary team is saved by Ravne using a Hand of Power. It would seem this new character Ravne is slightly distrusted by everyone but actually seems to know what is happening and hints at the cause due to Sonderkommando Thule and Nazi Occult Warfare. I wasn't expecting the story to head this way, but I am on board and riding this train!

Slaine - Moloch Part 4. Pretty straightforward issue of Slaine. Moloch is defeated in combat, and Slaine is forced to succumb to the will of the tribal elders and release Moloch in exchange for peace. Slaine rightly fears this to be a trick, and once left on the shore, he is left regretting his decision to bow to the council. I'm enjoying this story; it seems to be hinting at something big heading our way, but what?

Sinister Dexter - Relode Part 3. Our duo has teamed up with their past selves in an attempt to find a way home. Only problem is the Holy One, and his gang are close behind. Not much really happens in this issue. It helps to move the story along but lacks any standout details or action. Not bad, just not exciting.

Nikolai Dante - Hell and High Water Part 4. Pirate Captain Kraken and his ship are rapidly chasing down Dante's craft, and soon combat is joined. Dante takes a heavy toll on the pirates but not before the children he is protecting are taken. Lucky or unluckily (I'm not sure yet) for Dante, a new force arrives called the Black Dragons. With aircraft, they can force back the pirates from Dante, but are they friend or foe? Beautiful artwork and an exciting story. I'm excited to learn about the Black Dragons.

Overall, Judge Dredd and Nikolai Dante are the standout tales of this issue. The rest are good or above, so another solid issue of 2000 AD. I wonder how long they can keep the momentum going?

Want to learn more about 2000 AD? Why not start with the 2000 AD Encyclopedia (link is via Amazon, and I get a kickback). Thank you for reading, and if you want to chat more, come find me on Instagram.


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