Book Review 158 // Dead Drop by Mike Brooks

I love these Necromunda short stories so much. I fear that when they end, I come to miss the setting and the mini adventures taking place within. This week's tale is Dead Drop by Mike Brooks; looking at the cover, I realize straight away we have another Orlock story. Come Black Library author, give us stories from the other houses! Don't get me wrong, Orlock's are fun, but it seems heavily swung towards them. They are basically the Ultramarines of Necromunda.

Here is the fluff:

A daring raid on a moving transport puts the Road Dogs Orlock gang in danger as rivals seek the same prize and the unexpected strikes.

The Road Dogs, an Orlock gang in the depths of Necromunda's underhive, are on the trail of a big score. Danner Grimjack, the gang's leader, has planned meticulously, and now it all comes down to the execution. As they go into action, the Road Dogs tackle the Steel Crescents, their Van Saar rivals, on a moving transporter. Danner can only hope the prize is worth the hassle…

Author: Mike Brooks

I feel like Mike Brooks must have been watching Mad Max or playing games of Gaslands. If you haven't guessed yet, I can confirm this is a vehicle chase heavy read. The main character Danner Grimjack is the leader of a close-knit gang of Orlocks. The Orlock's territory seems near the edge of the Hive allowing for adventures out in the wastes, which is pretty unique for the setting. The Gang - Road Dogs - have received intel that a rival gang of Van Saars are collecting cargo dropped by a trader in the waste. You would only do this to avoid security checks, meaning it is worth something to someone.

As soon as the ambush is launched, we are treated to a pretty epic car chase action scene, which packs a lot of new world-building scenes into a short amount of time. Once again, I am left wanting more and genuinely hope we get more outside the Hive books soon.

I enjoyed the book; it could easily be transferred into an apocalyptic setting, which shows how timeless these stories can be. But the authentic takeaway for me is now working out a stealth van for delaques to drive around in. Watch this space!

Want to read to this tale? Here is a link to Amazon to purchase: Dead Drop by Mike Brooks

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