Book Review 157 // Paradise by Jonathan Green

Heading deep into the underhive once again. This time I get to experience a new author, Jonathan Green. His piece is titled Paradise, and it has us exploring the hive in a way unknown to me. In a strange turn of events, the setting is the most essential part of the story. It has us following an Orlock gang who uses an Ambot robot to dig through a hive wall after killing off a Goliath gang. They are greeted by the rarest of slights, green foliage as the Ambot breaks through to the other side! 

That's right, an entire hab zone full of plants. There are ferns, fungi and freshwater. As the group searches the area, shit hits the fan, and members start dying off. We soon discover that the infamous Bounty Hunter Nathan Creed is hunting them down to find out who hired them. Turns out this seems to be a continuation of a story arc I know nothing about. Who is Nathan Creed? I guess I best start googling and finding out what I need to read to find out. Overall this was an okay read, nothing mind-blowing. I rather disliked the idea of the Ambot being used again; this all seems like a marketing ploy. It also relies on the reader knowing who Nathan Creed is. As I think more about the story, I feel like this was sadly a bit of a miss. In no way terrible, just a general miss.

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