Book Review 155 // Low Lives by Denny Flowers

I'm still cruising the Necromunda short story wave and loving it. Hopefully, by now, most of you are joining me over on Youtube for my Necromunda Delaque Gang videos (LINK)? If not, go look now, subscribe and then come back and finish reading this.

This week we hit up Low Lives by Denny Flowers, part of series two, Novellas released by Black Library. Let's get into the details.

Title: Low Lives

Author: Denny Flowers

Fluff: Caleb Cursebound, the Underhive's ninth-most-dangerous man, and his ratskin partner Iktomi are in hiding, having deposed the tyrannical lord of a Necromundan noble house. Pursued by relentless bounty hunters, the pair descend to the remote mining settlement of Hope's End, the last place anyone would think to look. However, they soon learn that all is not well in Hope's End; the people are being terrorized by a powerful Orlock gang and in desperate need of a hero. Caleb cannot resist the opportunity to prove himself, but some would see his reputation forever tarnished…

Edition: Kindle, 110 pages.


This was a fun story, the ninth-most dangerous man in the underhive was a great read. I love an anti-hero, and Cursebound ranks highly. While getting drunk, Cursebound stupidly agrees to aid a group of miners in getting back their mines from the local Orlock gang. Hoping for a pleasant exchange, the shit really hits the fan, and soon guns are blazing, and action is happening left, right and centre. This was a great short read, and I genuinely hope Denny Flowers is allowed another run with this character in Necromunda soon (Edit: It turns out I missed a book called The Hand of Harrow, now on my to be read list).

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Looking for a great Necromunda read? Follow this Amazon link to Low Life (yes, I get a kickback, lol).

Cheers to reading this.

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