Beer Review 166 // Lo Viste by Left Field Brewery

With summer coming to a close, I find my beer drinking slowing down also. In the winter months, I prefer a warm hot chocolate, a tea or a fancy stout. All things I consume at a slower pace. But we aren't in the winter months yet. So let us dive into today's beer.

Lo Viste by Leftfield brewery out of Toronto. This beer is a little out there for me and not my traditional first choice. A Mojito Sour clocking in at 4.2%. Here is the brewery's description:
Inspired by the tasty Cuban cocktail and named for the on-base celebration popularized by many Latin American players, Lo Viste Mojito Sour is a tart, quenching ale packed with lime juice and zest with a crisp hint of spearmint. Celebrate victory with this satisfying spring sipper!

The pour showcases a darker golden-yellow brew, which is capped nicely by a fluffy white head. Unfortunately, the head faded away quickly and didn't hang around. Smells like most kettle sours with a malt-forward aroma, a little lime citrus and some mint (personally, I would not have noticed the mint if I wasn't looking for it. Power of suggestion, I guess).

The first sip greets you with an upfront sourness. Think lemons, think limes, think lactic acids. The malty grains are there to help keep you grounded in the beer world throughout the entire drink, and the mint aspect actually left a weird lingering flavour I can't say I enjoyed. It's definitely an enjoyable beer, and this would be a firm favourite for the right person. Sadly for me, this is a miss, and I will move along.

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