Beer Review 165 // Collide IPA by Bicycle Craft Brewery

Playing catch up with my reviews from over the summer months. This brew was enjoyed a few months back and really deserved to be reviewed sooner on the blog. Bicycle Craft Brewery is one of my favourite breweries in town. With warm, welcoming staff and a fantastic pair of owners, this brewery is in my top 2 recommendations of places to visit if new to the beer scene of Ottawa.

But back to the beer. Collide IPA is a New England-styled IPA, sitting at 6.5% and brewed with some of the most delicious hops on the market: Galaxy, Vic Secret and El Dorado. The pour is the classic haze, opaque and yellow; the head is a clean bright white and caps the brew nicely. Unsurprisingly, the aroma coming off is Tropical fruit-heavy, hinting at a peach, but hidden in there was a brilliant citrus hit. The first sip surprised me; it was a rather bold bitterness. The fruit was present but was getting lost in the bitter pale malt flavours. Pleasant enough and easy-drinking once the mouth was coated in beer. Overall it was a nice enough brew. Glad I tried, but this brewery has much better IPA's on the market. Go check them out and explore the range.

Bicycle Craft Brewery:

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