Audio Review 58 // Alien: Invasion: The Rage War, Book 2

Wow, it's been over a year since I listened to Book 1 of the Rage War series. Here is the link if you want to catch up. I left this way too long, but we are back, and we are jumping straight back into the war. A quick catch-up first before we dive in.

We learnt about the Rage through the Incursion story, a group of early colonists who left aboard Fine Colony ships. Their goal was to go into the deep of space and discover new worlds to settle. Instead of a fresh start, they found a creature similar to a giant worm that latches onto their ship and advances their technology beyond current human levels. During this period, they also discover a way to control Xenomorphs and increase their own life span. Once in a position to attack, they head back to the inner sphere, and the Rage War begins. 

Title: Alien: Invasion: The Rage War, Book 2
Written by: Tim Lebbon
Narrated by: John Chancer
Length: 10 hrs and 29 mins
Fluff: The second original novel in an Alien vs. Predator: Rage War series, continuing from Predator: Incursion as Colonial Marines units are being wiped out - and not by the Predators. This is an attack by organized armies of Aliens.


Though set far into the future timeline, Tim Lebbon has created a brilliantly realistic scenario. I can't help but feel terrified for the colonial marines and the outer rim colonies as they are slowly overrun by hoards of Xenomorphs that are organized and able to be transported around. The settings of this story are varied and plentiful, but my preferred story arc is the one set on Hell. An ex-company space station is now completely independent. This is like a wild west space station, brothels, bars, drug dens; it's a fantastic location. I also enjoyed learning more about the Fine ships and life inside the Rage.

But the story has faults; there are now so many characters spread out over so many locations it can feel very disjointed. I don't know how you make it more streamlined, so I guess I should shut up. The other part that disappointed me was the first chapter save. Yes, I know plot armour is solid, but damn, it nearly ruined the story before it began. There is also a depressing arc in the story where we just watch a duo going from worst to worst scenarios. But I want to avoid spoilers, so I will be quiet.

Overall all Alien: Invasion is a great follow-up and another great Tim Lebbon story. I am ready to jump into the third story. Just have to wait for my audible credit, lol.

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